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Postmortem: Covert Affairs 1×06

22 Aug

Covert Affairs continues to be both fun to watch and completely predictable, which is to say, a USA show.  It’s quickly rising near to the top of the pack for me (except for Psych, which I will love forever for the nicknames alone, and White Collar when Bomer’s shirtless).  This week’s episode was pretty fun, with a nice fight scene, a solid b-plot, and Annie getting to do some honest-to-goodness spying (although I would hope that it’s significantly harder to spy on the US Senate than just hanging around a bit).  And, again, we got a super easy to guess baddie.

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Postmortem: Covert Affairs 1×03

29 Jul

I feel like it usually takes about three episodes for any TV series to make itself clear, so by that token, Covert Affairs last night established itself as a USA summer show par excellence:  not necessarily good, but watchable and fun.  Since I eat that shit up, I’ll be sticking with it all summer.  Unfortunately, last night’s episode didn’t have much in the way of plot twists to guess (they pretty much showed us the baddie in the first scene—not hard to guess), but it did furnish me with a few further predictions.

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