Postmortem: Glee 2×01

28 Sep

My word, I have been busy,  I haven’t even had time to watch The Mentalist yet!  I shall do my best to not let this blog fall by the wayside, but I’m pretty much just watching top-priority TV right now.  And most of those shows aren’t easy to predict.  Fortunately, Glee is!.

Glee is back, you guys!  You have no idea how much I’ve missed Glee.  Heck, I had no idea how much I’d missed Glee until it came back.  But I am so happy that it’s back in my life.  This week’s episode was great, from the meta-self-referencing opening (one million points if you get the reference), to Will and Sue’s short-lived alliance, to the surprisingly touching story of Coach Bieste, to Finn’s hilarious Cheerios audition.  I will say I wish the music had been better—I have no real desire to listen to any of those songs again, and I say this as a huge fan of Glee doing rap badly, the original Lady Gaga version of “Telephone”, and Lea Michelle getting to belt out showtunes.  I am forever optimistic about future songs, however.

I do have some predictions, although I have no idea how accurate they’re going to be.  Glee is a tough show to predict, because a lot of times stuff just happens to suit the immediate plot and/or joke, not because it’s been set up or makes sense.  (For example:  since when is Santana insecure enough to get a boob job?  Since they needed Sue to be mad at her for plot reasons, apparently.)  But that’s totally fine—I actually love the wacky plotting.  Just don’t hold me to any of my predictions.  Which are:

  • Finn and Rachel will break up and get back together at least once this season.  Oh noez, the dramaz.
  • Artie and Tina will get back together before the season’s out, but not because Artie learned to be a better boyfriend.  In fact, we’ll be supposed to root for him, despite the fact that Tina’s reasons for breaking up with him were totally valid, and he has consistently been shown as a shitty boyfriend.
  • Brittany will get a bigger and bigger role until she becomes kind of tiresome instead of hilarious in small doses.  (That being said, “stop the violence” was hilarious.)
  • There will be a song in most (but not every) episode that’s there primarily so Lea Michelle will get to be super awesome.  That’s what “What I Did For Love” was there for this week (although that totally backfired because that song sucks.  It’s certainly no “Don’t Rain on My Parade”.  Some Sondheim soon please?).  Sometimes this slot will go to Kurt instead.
  • We’ll get at least one more moment to humanize Sue, similar to the scene with her sister in season 1.  No one will know how to feel about it.
  • John Stamos (STAMOS!!!!!) will play a character that’s unreasonably perfect.
  • We’ll see more of Vocal Adrenaline, and they’ll be even more devious this time.
  • Jane Lynch will continue to be a BAMF.

Surely my last prediction must be right; hopefully the others will be too.  Whatever happens, I’m just happy Glee is back!!!


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