Predictions: Covert Affairs finale

12 Sep

Last week’s episode didn’t offer much in the way of twists to guess (although it did have shirtless Auggie, so well done, show), but I do want to get some predictions out there before this week’s finale.  And can I just say, I’m kind of gutted that this is going to be the last episode for a year.  It’s not the best show, but it’s fun, and I will miss predicting every moment.  But before I get to that, let it be known that I totally called Auggie’s op on Liza being revealed last week.  Go me.  But without further ado:

The finale will center around the Albion Group.  I know this because Liza bringing them up came out of nowhere.  Henry and/or Ben will be involved in their nefarious dealings.  It will end ambiguously, to set up a plot for next season.  I know this because this is how all USA finales work.

We’ll get a million more flashbacks of Annie in a bikini in Sri Lanka.  Tragically, we will not get any more shirtless Auggie.

Liza will be in danger.  Not really sure about this, just a feeling I got.  I think she was trying to warn Auggie by bringing up the Albion Group, and they’ll retaliate this week.

We’ll find out who the leak is.  I’m not entirely sure who it’s going to be, but I have a few ideas.  They are, as follows:


Because:  I said earlier that she might be accusing Arthur of adultery as a way of deflecting blame from herself for being the leak.  They’ve kind of dropped the whole adultery plotline, but it still would be emotionally satisfying to see someone we’ve come to trust be the baddie.  Also, Arthur protecting her from the op would be a nice dramatic irony, and it looks like she knew something was up when Auggie was out of his office, so that works pretty well as a set-up.  She is also, so far, the least conflicted about “how dirty [she’s] gonna get”.  As this seems to be an overarching theme, this is a way to get her in on it as well.

But then again…:  She’s been presented as being fairly sympathetic.  She’s playing a fairly maternal/mentoring role not just for Annie, but the DPD overall.  I don’t know much they’d want to jeopardize that.


Because:  We know he’s conflicted, and this is a perfect outlet.  We already don’t like him for running an op on Annie.  It’s also a way to make his character actually interesting, which he sorely needs.

But then again…:  He’s also been set up to be fairly sympathetic.  Presumably they want him on the show for awhile, which would be difficult if he was the leak.  Plus, is his security clearance high enough to make him one of the 17 people to know the story was a lie?


Because: he’s supposed to be intensely unlikeable, played by a name guest star, was introduced once then forgotten, and clearly doesn’t like Arthur.  He fits a lot of tropes, is what I’m saying.  Is almost definitely one of the 17.

But then again…: he no longer actually works there, so how’s he getting the intel?  Plus, it just seems kind of lazy, making the guy that we’re supposed to hate be the leak.


Because:  clearly something’s going on with him, it would be a good way to bring the two plots together, and he clearly has an in at the agency somewhere, because he keeps showing up for stuff.

But then again…: even if he does have an in, he doesn’t work there, how could he be the leak?  And is one boring, crazy-eyed dude going to be responsible for all plots in one season?

That guy who was a douche to Auggie

Because:  remember when that guy took Auggie to get his polygraph and was a total douche about it?  What a douche.  I bet he’s enough of a douche to be the leak.  It also seems like he’s high up enough to be one of the 17.

But then again…: it’s hardly a satisfying conclusion.  “Hey, remember that one guy we saw once?  It was him.  So that’s solved. … “  Boring!

Polygraph guy

Because:  To be fair, I’m pretty sure I saw this suggested elsewhere, but I thought it was kind of brilliant.  He’s had two juicy scenes, but we don’t know anything about him.  And as the polygraph operator, he surely has fairly high security clearance.  It would be a clever gotcha moment, at least.

But then again…:  It would only be a clever gotcha moment.  It would only be slightly more satisfying than if it was the guy who was a douche to Auggie.


Because:  what if she’s really a double agent, and this is all part of a giant conspiracy?  Or an op by Arthur to influence the media?

But then again…:  that doesn’t actually make any sense.  Not that that has stopped the Covert Affairs writers before, but I still doubt it.

Someone we’ve never seen before

Because:  this could set up the season 2 arc.  It seems pretty standard that USA finales involve us figuring out who the big bad of the season was, only to reveal that they are but a cog in a bigger bad machine.  Maybe it’s Ben working for someone else, and next season is all about figuring out the someone else.  Expect a recognizable actor—not a name necessarily, but definitely a H!itG.

But then again… : the only thing less emotionally satisfying than it being someone we’ve seen once and don’t really care about is if it’s someone we’ve never seen and really don’t care about.  Although having him be involved with Ben would mitigate this somewhat…

Final prediction:  Ben is working for someone we’ve never seen before, who is the head of the Albion Group and the Big Bad of season 2.  The episode will end with Annie having to choose between going rogue with Ben or staying with the CIA.  Also, since it’s USA, someone will appear to die but will probably be fine next season.  Seriously, don’t worry, they won’t permanently kill off anyone we care about.  Except maybe Ben, or maaaaybe Henry.


2 Responses to “Predictions: Covert Affairs finale”

  1. rae September 13, 2010 at 11:47 pm #

    Sadly, you’re wrong on most counts. Interesting read, though. 🙂

    • tvpsychic September 19, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

      Terribly sorry I left your comment in the queue for so long–I intended to approve it after the finale aired, and then I forgot. It seems like you have inside knowledge about the show, which is great and fun to have here, but I would appreciate it if you would hold off on spoilery comments (even if it’s just to say I’m wrong) until after the episode airs. Kind of defeats the purpose of the blog otherwise.

      Plus, I think I did ok! Not my finest work, but I got a few predictions right.

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