Postmortem: White Collar 2×07

25 Aug

This is gonna be quick, partly because I have to leave for a thing and I’m running late after writing a million words on my Covert Affairs theories, let me show you them, but mostly because there’s only so many times I can explain this rule (under the cut, if you haven’t seen the episode yet):  if a law enforcement official is introduced for one episode and is given a name and more than three expository lines, they did it.  Again, some more.  That’s, what, the third time White Collar has used this plot this season?  We did learn two new things this episode though:  1)  Tiffani Amber-Thiessen had her baby, since she no longer has to appear in front of ridiculously bad green screens, and 2)  If that tight polo shirt was any indication, Tim DeKay is more than welcome to chip in for the obligatory shirtless scene (which was sadly missing this week).

Also, has Joe Morton just taken over for James Rebhorn?  If so, boo.  I like Joe Morton fine, but I LOVE James Rebhorn, thanks to a childhood of The Adventures of Pete and Pete.  Hopefully he’ll be back next week.


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