Postmortem: Covert Affairs 1×06

22 Aug

Covert Affairs continues to be both fun to watch and completely predictable, which is to say, a USA show.  It’s quickly rising near to the top of the pack for me (except for Psych, which I will love forever for the nicknames alone, and White Collar when Bomer’s shirtless).  This week’s episode was pretty fun, with a nice fight scene, a solid b-plot, and Annie getting to do some honest-to-goodness spying (although I would hope that it’s significantly harder to spy on the US Senate than just hanging around a bit).  And, again, we got a super easy to guess baddie.

I was particularly pleased with the baddie this week, because it demonstrated another frequent Rule of TV:  if there’s a guest star that’s far too famous to be doing the rounds on procedurals and crime dramas, they did it.  In this case, Lauren Holly’s way too well-known to be doing a one-off appearance as a Senator’s wife (I would say she’s too recognizable, but… that is some bad plastic surgery.  Yikes.)  As soon as she appeared, I knew she had to have done it.

I also knew that the senator and his chief of staff were having an affair far before the reveal.  Women, especially young, hot women, are rarely allowed to exist without sex being a part of their roles.  I’m not saying that every role is 100% sex-based, but it will be a factor.  Annie, for example, is a spy, but uses the fact that she’s hot for spying purposes, and is also in her current position just because of a dude she boned one time.  Chief of staff for a senator is a sex-neutral role—it easily could be a older dude instead of a young woman (and in fact, in real life it probably would be an older dude).  Obviously she had to be having sex with someone, and it makes sense that that someone would be the Senator, because politicians (on TV) are almost always corrupt in some way (unless they’re on The West Wing).  So, to recap, if a woman’s hot, she’s probably having sex with another character.  If she’s also famous, she’s the baddie.

This week was also interesting in that it sort of, but not quite, fulfilled some of my earlier predictions.  First off, this week we got a little, but not nearly as much as expected, Auggie angst.  I have to say, I know I criticized the show for hiring a sighted actor (which I still have a problem with), but they’re actually doing better than expected with their disability politics—not that it’s perfect by a long shot, but it could be so much worse.  I expected there to be quite a bit of “oh no, I am blind, it is so tragic and sad to be disabled”, and that really hasn’t been the case.  What angst there has been has been focused on his desire to get back in the field, which could be read as being not about disability, but about ableism in the workplace.  I could be giving the show way too much credit, though.  I believe next week’s episode is Auggie-centric, so I could very well be eating my words come Tuesday.

I also previous predicted that Annie would have a near-miss with Danielle while out spying.  Instead she had one with her husband.  Close enough.

This next plot point is even less proof that my predictions are correct, but I thought the coincidence was amusing.  Remember way before the series started I predicted that Arthur would be suspected of having an affair, but actually be a double agent?  I’m willing to admit defeat on that, if only because it looks like the affair plot has been dropped, but it turns out I was right about someone being suspected of an affair, only for it to be something else.  Sure, it was Danielle’s husband, and he was unemployed instead of a spy, but I was close!  (I continue to be right about Anne Dudek being vastly underused.)

Finally, a prediction:  the walk of shame that Auggie was on in the beginning was from Liza Hearn’s apartment.  There’s no reason for that scene to be there unless there’s a payoff later, and the girl has to be a surprise, or else Auggie wouldn’t have been so cagey about who it was.  It was Liza Hearn.  If only because she’s a hot girl that hasn’t had sex with anyone yet.


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