Postmortem: Psych 5×05

14 Aug

I’m shocked that this is the first time I’m writing about Psych, because it’s usually where my powers are strongest.  Unfortunately, every episode up to now hasn’t had much in the way of guesswork, except for last week, about which I was shockingly wrong (I was visiting my brother!  I was out of my element!  He did get it right, so perhaps I can persuade him to write a guest post).  But this week, I not only called the killer (which was obvious), but the red herring.

So, you all knew that Adam Rodriguez was the killer, right?  They didn’t even try to hide that.  I see no need to explain why.

But we were also presented with two red herrings, and I totally called them both.  I do admit, I expected Angus MacFayden to be more of a suspect, but that might be because I loved him as Orson Welles in Cradle Will Rock, and he should totally be more famous.

Not only did I know that Vanessa Minnillo was going to be a red herring, I knew that she would be arrested, then Shawn would pull a To Kill a Mockingbird and figure out she couldn’t have done it because she couldn’t use two fingers.  Although I do kind of call shenanigans on the reasoning that she couldn’t grip the steering wheel with that hand—they showed her using a wrench with two fingers, surely she had adapted enough to drive the car with two fingers and a thumb.  It would have been just as plausible for them to figure out that she would have had to fire the gun with that hand.

Also, can we talk about the nicknames?  Because “Mrs. Winterberry”.  Heeee.  When Adam Rodriguez called Gus “Winterberry” in the next scene I lost it.  Also, “MC Clap Yo Handz *clap clap clap clap clap*”.  Heeee.


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